Technologies impact on Communication

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Technology communication


Technology plays a pretty big part in the lives of people today, mobile phones are like an additional limb that has attached to our bodies.

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As Cenere, Gill, Lawson & Lewis (2015) discuss Technology has contributed to the many channels that we utilise on a daily basis. In 2016, we have smart phones, tablets, laptops, social media such as Facebook, Instagram, we can FaceTime, Skype etc. But does having access to so many different forms of communication complicate things.




Deleo (2008) discusses how we have become co-dependent on technology and while it is all great, the issue comes when things don’t work out like you planned. An example of this is being in a remote location and having a meeting organised with a client in a different city through video conferencing and the internet lags or will not connect you through.

While technology can complicate things it has definitely made life easier and has had a huge impact on how we operate in business today. Burg (2013) discusses how we can operate and communicate from just about anywhere in the world. This has opened the door to a whole new industry and travel bloggers are an example of this, see below link of travel blogger Drew Binsky who uses social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat to connect with people all around the world.

Drew Binsky

Technology plays a big role in my personal and professional life. At work I am part of a Finance Team who are all separated in different locations we use different forms of technology to communicate on a daily basis. I.e. Video-Conferencing, email, messenger etc.

The same in my personal life, I have friends and family located all over the world. My aunt is living in the United Kingdom and has been for approximately 20 year. When she initially moved to the UK our only form of communication was by telephone, snail mail etc. Now with the advances in technology we are able to keep in touch by using FaceTime, messenger etc. helps us keep connected and feel as though she is not that far away.

Watch the below video by TED Talks on the future of Technology



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